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  • Hospital General de M?xico/ Instituto Polit?cnico Nacional.
  • Instituto Polit?cnico Nacional, Escuela Superior de Medicina.
  • Hospital General de M?xico.
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Introduction: The healing process demands energy-protein needs higher than the normal requirement. Nutritional support in bloody areas is essential since it restores the capacity of the immune response facilitating healing, promotes angiogenesis and cell proliferation. Objective: To evaluate the effect of glutamine and hydroxymethylbutyrate supplementation on the cells involved in the healing of bloody areas. Methodology: Clinical, experimental, longitudinal, prospective, comparative, randomized trial in patients with diagnosis of bloody areas. Divided into control group and treatment group wich received supplementation with glutamine (14g) and hydroxymethylbutyrate (3g) during 15 days. Tissue samples were taken for histopathologic evaluation. Differences between groups (Student\'s t) and effect size (Cohen\'s d) were analyzed. Results: Significant differences were reported in fibroblasts and angiogenesis (p <0.005) with a large effect size (d> 0.8); lymphocytes and granulocytes without significant differences (p <0.005) but with medium effect size. No side effects were reported. Conclusions: The mixture of glutamine and Hydroxymethylbutyrate has a positive effect in the cells involved in the inflammatory and proliferative phase of healing.

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[M en C Alejandra Patricia Salas Gonzalez, Sevilla Gonzalez Maria de la Luz and Fuchs Tarlovsky Vanessa. (2018); EFFECT OF SUPPLEMENTATION WITH GLUTAMINE AND HYDROXYMETHYLBUTIRATE OVER THE CELLS INVOLVED IN WOUND HEALING. Int. J. of Adv. Res. 6 (8). 100-106] (ISSN 2320-5407). www.journalijar.com

Salas González Alejandra Patricia


Article DOI: 10.21474/IJAR01/7495       DOI URL: http://dx.doi.org/10.21474/IJAR01/7495

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