Editorial Board

Editorial In Chief

Prof. Morse Florse
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Editorial Board Members

Dr. Hazim Jabbar Shah Ali
Country: University of Baghdad , Abu-Ghraib , Iraq.
Specialization: Avian Physiology and Reproduction.

Arz Muhammad Umrani
Country: Wild life and National Parks, Balochistan , Pakistan.
Specialization: Forests and Wild life.

Dr. Khalid Nabih Zaki Rashed
Country: Dokki, Egypt.
Specialization: Pharmaceutical and Drug Industries.

Dr. Manzoor Khan Afridi
Country: Islamabad, Pakistan.
Specialization: Politics and International Relations.

Seyyed Mahdi Javazadeh
Country: Mashhad Iran.
Specialization: Agricultural Sciences.

Dr. Muataz A. Majeed
Country: INDIA
Specialization: Atomic Physics.

Dr Zakaria Fouad Fawzy Hassan
Country: Egypt
Specialization: Agriculture and Biological

Country: India.
Specialization: Mathematics.

Dr. Mohammad Ebrahim
Country: Iran
Specialization: Structural Engineering

Dr. Malihe Moeini
Country: IRAN
Specialization: Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology

Dr. I. Anand shaker
Country: India.
Specialization: Clinical Biochemistry

Dr. Magdy Shayboub
Country: Taif University, Egypt
Specialization: Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Ramachandran Guruprasad
Country: National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore, India.
Specialization: Library and Information Science.

Dr. Alaa Kareem Niamah
Country: Iraq.
Specialization: Biotechnology and Microbiology.

Dr.  Abdul Aziz
Country: Pakistan
Specialization: General Pharmacology and Applied Pharmacology.

Dr. Gamil Sayed Gamil Zeedan
Country: Egypt
Specialization: Virology and Microbiology.

Dr. Retsy D. Tomaquin
Country: Phillipines
Specialization: Public Administration.

Dr. Abdolkarim Afroozeh

Country: Iran
Specialization: Photonics, communication, Fiber

Assistant Members

Dr. Ashwani Kumar Dubey

Country: India
Specialization: Zoology, Ichthyology, Biochemistry, Free Radical Biology, Toxicology, Biodiversity

Dr. Madhusudan Tiwari

Specialization:Orthopedic physiotherapy, Rehabilitation

Dr. Mintu Ram Meena

Country: India
Specialization: Molecular biology


Country: India
Specialization: CRM, Bank Marketing and Micro Finance, Rural Development, Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurial development

Mr. Fayziev Shokhrud Farmonovich

Country: Uzbekistan
Specialization: Criminal law, criminal procedural law

Dr. Ashish Tripathi

Country: India
Specialization: Entomology, Wildlife Conservation, Environment toxicology

Dr. Uma Vasant Datar

Country: India
Specialization: Oral Pathology, Forensic Odontology

Prof.Dr. Amer A. Taqa

Country: Iraq
Specialization: Dental Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Medical Chemistry.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Nipa Sriwarom Ouppara

Country: Thailand
Specialization: Social Science, Humanities, Work Life Practice, Inter Organizational Bullying

Dr Monika Kamboj

Country: India
Specialization: Macrocyclic Metal Complex Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry.


Country: India
Specialization: Periodontology.

Dr. Mrs. Shubhashree M.N.

Country: India
Specialization: Medicinal Plants

Dr. Vishnu K. Garande

Country: India
Specialization: Horticultural Crops, Fruit Science.

Dr. Ali Badr Roomi

Country: Iraq
Specialization: Biochemistry, Polyphenolic Antioxidant


Country: India
Specialization: Supramolecular, Organometallic Chemistry, Synthetic Chemistry.


Country: India
Specialization: Biochemistry.

Dr. Majnoony Tootakhane Ali

Country: Iran
Specialization: Management, Tourism, GIS, SPSS, Social Science, Sustainable Development.

Dr. K. Velauthamurty

Country: Sri Lanka
Specialization: Inorganic Chemistry, Nanotechnology.

Dr. Sylvie NIBEZA

Country: Rwanda
Specialization: Social Sciences & Humanities.

Dr. Karaisas Petros

Country: Greece
Specialization: Electric Machines, Power Electronics, Vibration Analysis.

Dr. Jammi Ashok

Country: East Africa
Specialization: Pattern Recognition, Image processing.

Dr. Dnyaneshwar Kantaram Jadhav

Country: India
Specialization: Dermatology.

Dr. K. G. Padmasine

Country: India
Specialization: Nano Electronics, Embedded Systems.

Dr. Sidhartha Sankar Kar

Country: India
Specialization: Pharmaceutical, Medicinal Chemistry.

Prof.Dr Brijendra Pratap Mishra

Country: India
Specialization: Medical Biochemistry, REPRODUCTIVEand RESPIRATORY SYSTEM.

Dr. Samer El-Sayed Mohamed El-Sayed Ismail

Country: Egypt
Specialization: Agricultural Biotechnology, Seeds, GM crops, Molecular genetics, Fragment Analysis, FISH, Real-Time PCR, Mutation Studies, Molecular Markers, PCR, Sequencing, Genome Mapping, Stem Cells, Genomics,Bioinformatics, Clinical Human Genome Studies..


Country: India
Specialization: Animal Sciences, Ornithology,Entomology, Biodiversity and Conservation, Behaviour, Ecology, Bio-Ecology, Behavioral ecology, Environment Impact Assessment, Cytogenetics, Population Genetics, and Wildlife Biology.

Dr. Srinivasa Rao Sirugudu

Country: India
Specialization: Corrosion Control Methods, Surface Analytical Techniques, Electrochemical Studies, Water analysis and Purification methods.

Dr. Dilip Kumar Behara

Country: India
Specialization: Chemical Engineering, Nanotechnology, Material Science and Solar Energy.

Dr. Neda Nozari

Country: Iran
Specialization: Obesity, Gastrointestinal Diseases.

Dr. Esosa Mark Iriowen

Country: USA
Specialization: Physical Science, Environmental Science.

Dr. Prawej Ansari

Country: Bangladesh
Specialization: Anti-Inflammatory, Analgesic, Antioxidant, Antidiabetic.

Dr. Abdelmotalab Osman Mahmoud Dalil

Country: Sudan
Specialization: Accounting and Finance.

Dr.K.Ganesh Kumar

Country: India
Specialization: Network Security.

Dr Satish Geeri

Country: India
Specialization: Polymer Nanocomposites, FEM, CAD, CAM, Advanced Manufacturing, Smart Materials.

Katerina L. Kabakhidze

Country: Moscow
Specialization: Linguistics, Intercultural Communication, Teacher Training, Higher Education Development, Russian Studies.

Dr. Saif Ur Rehman

Country: Pakistan
Specialization: Data Mining, Graph Mining, Social Network Analysis, Machine Learning and Semantic Computing.

Ahmed Mohammed Jihad Al-Kubaisi

Country: Iraq
Specialization: Human Geography, Geomatics Maps, City planning, Services, Urban Development.

Prof. Ignatius Topno

Country: India
Specialization: Research Methodology and Articles connected with Education.

Dr. Amit Kumar Thakur

Country: India
Specialization: Thermal Engineering Biofuels.

Dr. Esra Sipahi

Country: Turkey
Specialization: Business Administration-Management and Organization.

Dr. Umar Lawal Aliyu

Country: Nigeria
Specialization: Management.

Dr. Fatma Mohamed Elnabway Ward

Country: Egypt
Specialization: Science, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Phycology, Medicinal plants, seaweeds.

Dr. Ismaila Emahi

Country: Ghana
Specialization: Biosensors Biofuel Cells Aptamers Biofiltration Nucleic Acids Chemistry.

Dr. Abdul Rabb

Country: Pakistan
Specialization: Gastroenterology & Hematology, Diabetes Mellitus Hematology.

Dr. Hiba Riyadh Jameel Al-abodi

Country: Iraq
Specialization: Biological Sciences.

Dr. Kachalla Mohammed

Country: Nigeria
Specialization: Structural analysis, Structural design, Finite element, reliability, Steel structures, Reinforced concrete.

Dr. Mohammad Anamul Haque

Country: Saudi Arabia
Specialization: Physiotherapy, Hospital Management, Public Health.

Dr. Kavitha Nachimuthu

Country: Ethopia
Specialization: Rural Development and Agricultural Extension.

Dr. Kaan Bilge

Country: Turkey
Specialization: Polymer composites; Mechanics of materials; Nanocomposites; Biomass conversion; Green composites.

Dr Kamran Yeganegi

Country: Iran
Specialization: Cluster Development, Facility planning, Strategic Management.

Dr. Daniel Anthoni Sihasale

Country: Indonesia
Specialization: Geography and Environmental Science, Environmental conservation, Tourism management, Ecotourism Planning and development.

Dr. Moetaz Soubjaki

Country: Lebanon
Specialization: Strategy Management, Human Resources, Performance management, Training and development.

Prof. Dr. Wafai Zaki Azer Mikhail

Country: Egypt
Specialization: Life Sciences, Invertebrate Ecology, Environmental Sciences.

Dr. Aiat Hegazy

Country: Egypt
Specialization: Renewable energy Nanomaterials for solar cells and hydrogen Production.

Dr. Lamiaa Mageed Sayed Ibrahim

Country: Egypt
Specialization: Clinical Biochemistry- Genes – Health and Disease- Molecular Biology.

Dr. Arvind Prasad Dwivedi

Country: India
Specialization: Physical and Environmental chemistry.

Dr. Mohammad Rafiqul Islam

Country: Bangladesh
Specialization: Sample size and sampling Design, Time series Analysis, Temporal Disaggregation, Econometrics, Systems of National Accounts, Macroeconomics, Bangladesh economy, Sampling Techniques.

Dr. Masood Ayoub Kaloo

Country: India
Specialization: Spectroscopy, Molecular Recognition, Analytical Chemistry, Conjugated molecules, Environmental Chemistry.

Dr. Tayseer Elamin Mohamed Elfaki

Country: Sudan
Specialization: Medical Laboratory Science.

Dr. Julie S. Berame

Country: Philippines
Specialization: Biology, Environmental Sciences.

Dr. Warkaa M. Ali Al-Wattar

Country: Iraq
Specialization: Oral Histopathology, Dental Laser.

Dr. Ibrahiem Abdul Razak Al-Ani

Country: Iraq
Specialization: Civil Engineering, Hydrology.

Dr. Zafer Omer Ozdemir

Country: Turkey
Specialization: Chemistry, Biochemistry, Polymer Chemistry, HPLC, LC-MS analyses, Peptide Synthesis.

Dr. Abdulameer Kazem Farhood

Country: Iraq
Specialization: Nuclear Physics, Radiation Physics, Radon pollution, Dosimetry, Radiation effects on materials, material science, Semiconductor Physics.

Dr. Alejandro Rodriguez Rodriguez

Country: Mexico
Specialization: Higher Education Leadership Organizations Management.

Dr. Roslina Abdul Rahim

Country: Malaysia
Specialization: Acute kidney injury, NASH, NAFLD and Human Physiology.

Prof. Antonio Jose de Jesus Evangelista

Country: Brazil
Specialization: Infectious and parasitic diseases, Medical Microbiology, Microbial Virulence Factors, Antimicrobial Resistance Mechanisms and Alternative Animal Models for Development of Antimicrobial Strategies.

Dr. Nihad Abdulateef Ali Kadhim

Country: Iraq
Specialization: Avian Physiology.

Dr. Abubkr Ahmed Elhadi Abdelraheem

Country: Sudan
Specialization: Accounting and Finance.

Dr. Laxman Khanal

Country: Nepal
Specialization: Anatomy, Histology.