15Apr 2020


  • Sree Chaitanya Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Karimnagar, Telangana, 505001.
  • Narsaraopet Institute Of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Narsaraopet, Andhrapradesh, 522601.
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To assess the studies on Sciatica prevalence and management & discuss reasons for variation in estimates provides suggestions for improving accuracy of recording sciatica. Sciatica is a common cause of pain and disability. Aims & objectives: To study the Prevalance and management of sciatica. To investigate the efficacy and tolerability of analgesic and adjuvants pain drugs typically administered in primary care for the management of patients with sciatica. Methodology: An Observational study enrolled 712 patients in that 304 patients were diagnosed with sciatica was observed in Renee hospital, Karimnagar, Orthopedic Department. Sciatic pain severity and data collected by patient prescriptions and medical records and lifestyle habits, and also form designed to collect data regarding patient parameters (name, age, sex) & co-morbid conditions. Results: Complete data were obtained for 304 patients. We had observed data by gender discrimination. Male had 36.18% and female had 63.82%. Female are more prone to sciatica pain compared to male. Based on time and duration of pain for 6 months maximum [i.e. 54.3%] followed by 88 patients [29.95%]. Based on the risk factors obesity [28%] is the major factor followed by smoking [25%]. Conclusion: In the present study prevalence of sciatica is more prone in female patients than the male patients in our study population. Generally age wise distribution, and gender discrimination yielded results.

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Sree Chaitanya Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Karimnagar, 505001.

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