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  • Professor of Dental Prosthetics, Department of Dentistry, Faculdade Paulo Pican?o, Fortaleza ? CE.
  • School of Dentistry, Centro Universit?rio UNILE?O, Juazeiro do Norte ? CE, Brazil.
  • Graduate in Letters - English Language, Universidade Regional do Cariri - URCA, Crato ? CE, Brazil.
  • Professor of Oral Implantology, Department of Dentistry, Centro Caririense de P?s-Gradua??o CECAP, uazeiro do Norte ? CE, Brazil.
  • Professor of Dental Prosthetics, Department of Dentistry, Universidade de Fortaleza UNIFOR, Fortaleza ? CE, Brazil.
  • Professor of Dental Prosthetics, Department of Dentistry, Centro Universit?rio Cat?lica de Quixad?, Quixad? ? CE, Brazil.
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Introduction: Bone atrophy and pneumatization of the maxillary sinus resulting from tooth loss, associated with low bone density in the region, often provide inadequate quantity and quality for the installation of osseointegrated implants. Aim: In the present work, a literary review was carried out to identify and compare the main techniques of maxillary sinus surgery, commenting on the available graft materials. Methodology: A bibliographic search was carried out in the main PUBMED databases, in which works were published that were published from 1955 to 2017. 86 articles met the criteria for inclusion laboratory studies, case reports and systematic reviews as well as literature that were developed In the human species; In which they had done the lifting of the maxillary sinus with allocation of the grafting material. Results: In view of a careful research and tabulations of the respective articles, the result was that in many cases it is necessary to perform a surgical procedure to increase bone height, called maxillary sinus lift. The two techniques used for this purpose are the traumatic technique and the atraumatic technique, with or without bone graft. Conclusion: Maxillary sinus lift is a safe, reliable and successful surgical procedure, provided that the fundamental principles of the technique are strictly adhered to. The risks involved are small, with possible post-operative complications amenable to treatment through medication and / or surgical interventions.

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[Jozely Francisca Mello Lima, Jefferson David Melo de Matos, ?talo Kennedy Silva Santos, Antonio Jackson Andrade Gonzaga de Oliveira, John Eversong Lucena de Vasconcelos, Lucas Villa?a Zogheib and Daniel Sartorelli de Castro. (2017); MAXILLARY SINUS LIFT SURGERY TECHNIQUES: A LITERATURE REVIEW. Int. J. of Adv. Res. 5 (Aug). 832-844] (ISSN 2320-5407). www.journalijar.com

John Eversong Lucena de Vasconcelos
Professor of Oral Implantology, DepartmentofDentistry, Centro Caririense de Pós-Graduação CECAP, Juazeiro do Norte – CE, Brazil.


Article DOI: 10.21474/IJAR01/5126      
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