15Nov 2022


  • Medical Officer In Charge, Special Unit-Indigenous Medical Complex, Kappalthurai Trincomalee.
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Infertility affects 10 -15% of couples worldwide. Female infertility is the major disorder that has altered mankind for lack of conception and reproducibility, a stressful world causes great personal suffering and distress. Most of this agony and misery is hidden from the public gaze. Infertility affects approximately 90% of couples in the Sri Lanka female related problems account for 30 %. This case study aims to manage infertility by Siddha management which given by 1g of Kalatchichooranam orally twice a day after meal from Day 1 to Day 7, then Day 8 to day 10 given full body Vethu externally, 25mg of Virechanapoopathy tablet given on Day 11 to eliminate the vitiated dosham, on day 12 advised for taken rest and on day 13 to day 15 instructed to perform yoga named Maanpayitchi. The patient was advised to consume nutritive and organic foods after this treatment procedure, patient who came with 5 years history of infertility conceived after 14 days treatment and 30 days of Yoga exercise.The VeppuSigitchai (vedhu) and Yoga helps to improve the mental health. And also Pathiyapathiyam helped in maintained good digestive power and prevent from formation of the aama. It can be concluded that Siddha treatment can be successfully applied in Pen Maladu (Female infertility).

[K. Sulosana (2022); SIDDHA MANAGEMENT OF PEN MALADU (FEMALE INFERTILITY): CLINICAL CASE STUDY Int. J. of Adv. Res. 10 (Nov). 171-177] (ISSN 2320-5407). www.journalijar.com

K Sulosana

Sri Lanka