Depigmentation Therapy for Vitiligo: Results from a National Survey

Submitted by : Makpula Abdelaziz Tarhuni and Aisha Ali Derbash
University: Libyan International Medical University
E-mail :
Supervisor's Name : Salma Abdelkerim A. Bukhatwa
Year of award : 2016
Awards :
Summary of Thesis

Vitiligo is a chronicpigmentarydisorderthat causes the loss of skin color in blotches. Vitiligo happens because of destruction of melanocytes. Classification of vitiligo according to distribution of the lesions is of practical importance usually for assessing the prognosis of the disease. Repigmentation therapyfor vitiligo includes corticosteroids topical and oral antioxidants topical calcineurin inhibitors phototherapy and laser therapy. Depigmentation therapy can be beneficial as alternative therapy for extensive vitiligo patients. Depigmentation therapyof vitiligo includes hydroquinone monobenzene mequinol butylphen laser therapy and cryotherapy. Recent studies revealed that Laser ...

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