The Effects of Traditional Strengthening Exercises versus Functional Task Training on Pain, Balance, Walking Speed and Functional Mobility in Osteoarthritis Knee”. Name of the Department: Faculty of Physiotherapy

Submitted by : Krishna Kumar Singh
University: Maharaj Vinayak Global University, Jaipur
E-mail :
Supervisor's Name : Dr. Vinod Kathju
Year of award : 2017
Awards : Doctor of Philosphy
Summary of Thesis

Objectives To investigate the efficacy of functional task training in decreasing pain and increasing balance walking speed & functional mobility in Osteoarthritis Knee. Study design Comparative case control study. Methodology Fifty individuals with a diagnosis of OA Knee were selected directly from Physiotherapy outpatient door of Jaipur Physiotherapy College MVGU Jaipur. These individuals were randomly assigned into two groups FTT Group [Functional task Training (n 25)] and TE Group [Traditional Exercise (n 25)]. FTT Group Functional tasks included sit to stand box lift standing star exercise walking up and down a ramp while holding a weight ascending descending stairs ...

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  1. Introduction
  2. Review of Literature
  3. Materials and Methods
  4. Results
  5. Discussion
  6. Conclusion
  7. Summary
  8. References
  9. Appendices

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