Barriers for the use of contraceptives among married women in Parwan province, Afghanistan

Submitted by : Mohammad Taleb Noori
University: Maulana Azad University
E-mail :
Supervisor's Name : Ms. Bhawna Sati
Year of award : 2018
Awards :
Summary of Thesis

BackgroundAfghans have been coping with the high level of maternal mortality ratio over the past three decades. One of its causes is under-utilization of contraceptive methods. Its usage was 7.0% in 2003 11.3% in 2012 and 23% in 2015. In order to address the issue Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) Afghanistan has integrated family planning services into the basic package of health services (BPHS) since 2003 and integrated the services in the essential package of hospital services (EPHS) since 2005. National level studies carried out in the country has described utilization of the services in the country. However the information was only from respondent perspectives and had limited inf...

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