The Study of Emergency Care center of children Under 5 year’s age in Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health, Kabul Afghanistan

Submitted by : Dr. Sayed Asadullah Sadaat
University: Maulana Azad University
E-mail :
Supervisor's Name : Ms. Bhawna Sati
Year of award : 2018
Awards : Master of Public Health
Summary of Thesis

Background The recent Afghanistan Demographic Health Survey (DHS) conducted in 2015 revealed general and significant improvement in all of the national health indicators over the past decade or more precisely newborn health and survival depend on the care provided to the under 5 years age. Under 5 year age care is crucial element in reducing child mortality its often receives less or poor attention and the less than one year mortality rate is 45 per 1000 live birth while significant percentage of this morality is happening during the neonatal period based all the improvement in health system emergency care at facility level is immature and not fully cover the needs of emergency c...

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Table of contents

Abstract                4

Acknowledgements            6

Table of contents                7

Introduction        8

Review of Literature         9

Research Question and hypothesis                10

Aim’s and Objectives        10

Methodology       11

Plan of Analysis:                13

Data Management and Quality Control      13

Result Section      15

Respondent Characteristics.            15

Discussion            19

Conclusions         20

References:          22

List of tables        23

List of charts       25

Annexures            26

Annex 2. : Checklist for In-Depth Interview with Health Professional Staff      27

Annex 3.: Checklist for Interview with Child caretaker          29

Annex 4.: Consent form for interviews with pregnant women attending selected health facilities               33

Annex 5.: Consent Form and Research Subject Information Sheet 1:  35

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