The prevalence of Anemia and Malaria, and their association, among pregnant women attending antenatal clinics in Laghman province, Afghanistan

Submitted by : Dr. Wahdat Alkozai
University: Maulana Azad University, Jodhpur
E-mail :
Supervisor's Name : Ms. Bhawna Sati
Year of award : 2018
Awards : Master of Public Health
Summary of Thesis

BackgroundAnemia in pregnancy is one of the commonest problems affecting pregnant women in developing countries and puts the mother and fetus at risk for death. In developing countries anemia prevalence in pregnant women is reported to be between 40-60 %. Afghanistan Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey 2000 shows that anemia (Hb11gdl) is widespread in all Afghanistan. Several factors contribute to anemia during pregnancy and due to complex etiology of pregnancy anemia the relative role of risk factors is difficult to estimate. In addition to nutritional deficiencies malaria which is prevalent in Afghanistan regarded as a major risk factor for anemia during pregnancy. The objective of...

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  1. Introduction 8
  1. Literature review                     10
  2. Methodology                          12
3.1.   Study design                              12 3.2    Study method                            12 3.3     Study setting                             12 3.4     Study subjects                           12 3.5    Study team                                 12
  1. Data collection                        12
  2. Study duration                                    13
  3. Plan for analysis                      14
  4. Ethical consideration              15
  5. Data management control       16
  6. Result                                      16
  7. Discussion                               18
  8. References                              21
  9. List of tables                           26
13     List of figures                            34

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