Risk factors of road traffic accident in Kandahar

Submitted by : Dr Ehsanullah Niazi
University: Maulana Azad University
E-mail : barai_niazi@yahoo.com
Supervisor's Name : Ms. Bhawna Sati and Dr. Abhishek Lohra
Year of award : 2018
Awards : Master of Public Health
Summary of Thesis

Background Road transportation is the major system of transportation in Kandahar Afghanistan which uses various kinds of vehicles as means of transport. According to the Ministry of Transport report MRT (2008) most people in the province rely on road transport for their daily commutation as well as the conveyance of raw materials and food commodities The statistical profile reflects a global estimate of 5.1 million deaths in 2000 which was due to injuries that accounted for 10% of deaths due to all causes. Out of this a quarter of injury-related deaths occurred in the South-asian and Central Asian region. Currently Road traffic accident is ranked as ninth leading cause for died in worl...

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