Innovations in Urban Climate Governance for Bengaluru

Submitted by : Nikhil Ravindra
University: Technische Universitat Berlin
E-mail :
Supervisor's Name : Prof. Dr. Felix Creutzig, Prof. Dr. Rudolf Schafer , Dr. Mahendra Sethi
Year of award : 2019
Awards : M.Sc Urban Development
Summary of Thesis

The thesis aims for effective climate governance and is based on research question Why Bengaluru citys governance is not able to effectively deal with planning and development related to urban area climate. The biggest problem is administrative complexities associated with the current centralized top-down approach. This has led to non-efficient local government practices limited apprehension of urban civil society and restricted responses by non-governmental organizations to deal with urban climate. Analyzes of the current institutional landscape through official websites and existing policies in India on climate governance areas of action responsible authorities and financing o...

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  1. Background
  2. Objective A
  3. Objective B
  4. Objective C
  5. Objective D
  6. Limitations & Conclusion

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