Competition vs. Collaboration in Business Negotiations: The Prevailing Bargaining Practices in West African Marketplaces

Submitted by : Dr. Placide Jean-Marie Ahouadi
University: Atlantic International University
E-mail :
Supervisor's Name : Dr Edward Lambert
Year of award : 2023
Awards : Doctor of Philosophy
Summary of Thesis

Traditionally commercial transactions take place in West Africa on marketplaces that sometimes extend over hectares. Vendors rent stands or display their stalls expecting to attract buyers. But how are exchanges negotiated To address this concern we looked at the existing literature in this area. The literature review revealed that research on this subject has not covered all West African countries. While research concerning for example Nigeria Burkina Faso Ghana Ivory Coast and Senegal exists the literature review did not reveal any such study concerning the Republic of Benin and its neighbor of the west Togo.This thesis aims to fill this void somewhat by focusing on the bargaining...

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1.    General Introduction

2.  The Research Focus

3.  Review of Other Work Done

4.  Research Methods

5.  Results of Research Analysis

6.  Conclusion

7.  Recommendations

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