30Apr 2014


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Vegetation and soil in the vicinity of Little Rann of Kachchh in Morbi district of Gujarat State in India at diverse expanse from edge was investigated. Total nineteen species were found of which fourteen species of herbs and five of trees. Three species each belongs to Poaceae and Mimosaceae and two species belong to Chenopodiaceae. Contagious distribution pattern of plants was obtained. Number of species found at site 1 (near Little Rann of Kachchh) was less then at site 2 (away from Little Rann of Kachchh). Total plant density; concentration of dominance and diversity indexes were almost similar at site 1 and 2. Anatomical characters of Echinochloa colona (Linn.) Link and Eragrostis ciliaris (Linn.) R.Br. affect the density, density of E. colona was found to be greater at both sites due to the presence of continuous layer of sclerenchyma at periphery around vascular bundles then E. ciliaris where continuous layer of sclerenchyma was absent. Water holding and bulk density was found to be more at site 1 while field capacity, particle density and porosity and sand particles was greater at site 2. The outcome of the study illustrate that as study shifts away from saline desert the physical properties of the soil confirm positive consequence on vegetation and diverse species.

[Pilania P.K., P.M. Vaghasiya, N.M. Panera, M.K. Mirani and N.S. Panchal (2014); ECOLOGICAL STUDY AT MORBI DISTRICT NEAR LITTLE RANN OF KACHCHH IN WESTERN INDIA Int. J. of Adv. Res. 2 (4). 0] (ISSN 2320-5407). www.journalijar.com

Prof. Nilesh S. Panchal

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