30Jun 2014

Occurrence and distribution of Flying jewels in Visakhapatnam

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A study was conducted during 2007 & 2008 on the composition of butterflies encountered at Visakhapatnam. The study was carried out at two sites of Visakhapatnam they are 1. Andhra University campus 2. Kambalakonda eco-tourism Park. At Au campus 38 butterfly species and at Kambalakonda 41 butterfly species were observed. Five species, Euthalia nais, Lampides boeticus, Papilio crino, Colotis danae, C. eucharis that are encountered at Kambalakonda Eco-tourism Park are not found at Andhra University campus. 2 species Mycalesis visala subdita and Junonia hierta observed in Andhra University campus are not encountered at Kambalakonda. Papilio crino which is present in Kambalakonda Eco-tourism Park is found in 2008 only. A total of 43 species spread over 8 families were recorded. Of these 43 species, Papilionidae consists of 8 species; Pieridae 8 species; Nymphalidae 12 species; Lycaenidae 7 species; Danaidae 3 species; Satyridae 3 species; Hesperiidae and Acraeidae each 1 species. In this region Hesperiidae and Acraeidae are poorly represented compared to other families. A brief description of each of the 43 species recorded at Visakhapatnam is produced here.

[D. Sandhya Deepika., J.B. Atluri., Laxmi Sowmya .K (2014); Occurrence and distribution of Flying jewels in Visakhapatnam Int. J. of Adv. Res. 2 (6). 0] (ISSN 2320-5407). www.journalijar.com

Sandhya Deepika

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