31Oct 2014

An Anthropometric Study of Normal Full Term Newborns at Birth in Western Rajasthan

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Background: All health personnel working in child health care should be familiar with normal patterns of growth, so that they can recognize any deviations from the normal range and try to deal with the underlying disorders which could be nutritional, socio economic or infectious diseases. Aims & Objectives: The aim of present study to find some anthropometric measurements like length, weight and head and chest circumference of normal healthy neonates at birth which can be used in future to draw a growth chart of Western Rajasthan. Methods: The Study carried out from 1st of January 2014 to30th of June 20014 at Ummed Hospital, Dr. Sampurnanand Medical College Jodhpur, and Rajasthan. The study was performed on 190 live born neonates with gestational age (37-42 week) all were born in Ummed Hospital, Jodhpur. Babies of mothers with risk factors: gestational hypertension, gestational diabetes mellitus, cigarette smoking premature, and malformed babies were all excluded. The study was performed by measuring the length, weight head circumference (HC) and chest circumference (CtC). Results: The results showed that mean birth weight (male & female) was 2.92(+/-0.3924) kg, male: female was 2.92 (+/-0.3924) kg: 2.92(+/-0.3896) kg respectively. The mean length at birth (male & female) was 47.95 (+/- 1.1004) cm, male: female was 47.87 cm (+/- 5.1758): 47.94 cm (+/_5.2045) respectively. The mean head circumference (male & female) was 36.55(+/-1.189) cm, male: female was 36.57(+/- 4.6046) cm: 36.54(+/-4.6767)cm respectively. The mean chest circumference (male & female) was 31.77(+/-1.189) cm, male: female, 31.79 (+/- 5.0353) cm: 31.76 (+/-5.4025) cm respectively.

[Sushama K Kataria, Samta Gaur (2014); An Anthropometric Study of Normal Full Term Newborns at Birth in Western Rajasthan Int. J. of Adv. Res. 2 (10). 0] (ISSN 2320-5407). www.journalijar.com

Samta Gaur

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