15Nov 2019


  • Medecin Residente en gynecologie-obstetrique II du CHU Hassan II de Fes-Maroc
  • Professeur agregee de gynecologie-obstetrique, CHU Hassan II de Fes
  • Professeur assistant de gynecologie obstetrique, CHU Hassan II de Fes
  • Professeur de lenseignement superieur de gynecologie-obstetrique, CHU Hassan II de Fes
  • Professeur assistant de radiologie, CHU Hassan II de Fes
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Ovarian pregnancy is rare localization of known ectopic pregnancies. Its incidence is on the rise in the world. Its risk factors remain to date the same as those of general ectopic pregnancies although the IUD would be the most involved. The diagnosis is based on the clinic: abdominal pain, metrorrhagia and amenorrhea. In some cases it is a fortuitous discovery as reported in our study. Before a table of hemodynamic shock, one must always suspect a GEU in any woman in genital activity. The quantitative determination of beta-HCG, radiology namely endovaginal ultrasound and sometimes MRI (to differentiate known ovarian masses) are an aid to diagnosis but confirmation remains histological. Our study presents two cases of ovarian pregnancies collected in the obstetrics and gynecology department 2 of CHU Hassan II in Fez, whose gestational ages of discovery are different, but both have undergone a laparotomy of exploration concluding with a left oophorectomy, or left appendectomy, and whose final diagnosis was retained by the pathological study

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[Nyingone S, Fdili Alaoui F-Z, Jayi S, Chaara H, Lamrani Alaoui M Y and Melhouf M-A (2019); LOCALISATION RARE DE GROSSESSES ECTOPIQUES: GROSSESSE OVARIENNE A PROPOS DE DEUX CAS Int. J. of Adv. Res. 7 (Nov). 167-172] (ISSN 2320-5407). www.journalijar.com

médecin résident en gynécologie Obstétrique au CHU Hassan II Fès-Maroc


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