01Jan 2017

Lipid profile from Absidia spp.


Polyunsaturated fatty acids includesOmega-6 fatty acids which are a vital part of our diet and perform a wide range offunctions in the body. This fatty acid is uncommon, but is found in certain seed oils,such as evening primrose, borage and blackcurrant of which evening primrose has been most widely used and expensive. Oleaginous microorganisms like Mucor, AbsidiaandCunninghamella spp. were screened for microbial production ofGLA. Production of GLA by the use of waste material was attempted. 11 cultures of Absidiasp. were screened. Media composition, growth conditions like pH, temperature, carbon source etc, were optimized for selected cultures for higher biomass & lipid content. Among the different species tested, A. corymbifera MTCC-1549 and MTCC - 3132 produced 42.60g /l of biomass and 27.5 % fatty acid at room temperature, in a simple glucose media.

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