20Jan 2018


  • Department of physiotherapy, DVVPF?s college of physiotherapy Ahmednagar, India.
  • MPT, Department of Neurosciences, DVVPF?s college of physiotherapy Ahmednagar, India.
  • MPTh, Department of Neurosciences, DVVPF?s college of physiotherapy Ahmednagar, India.
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Background: In moderate OA (osteoarthritis) knee there is obvious damage to cartilage and the space between the bones begins to narrow. Patients with moderate OA knee are likely to experience frequent knee pain when walking, running, bending, and kneeling, etc. Also they experience joint stiffness after sitting for long duration or after waking up in the morning. Thus we intend to find out which factors of quality of life affects physical performance in these patients. Methodology: An observational study was conducted in DVVPF?S Vikhe Patil Memorial Hospital and D.V.V.P.F?S OPD of COPT on 22 patients with moderate OA knee patients. These patients were selected according to Kellgren and Lawrence grading criteria. Their quality of life was assessed with the help of WOMAC scale, whereas physical performance was assessed with the help of Time Up and Go (TUG). Result: According to our study which was done on 22 patients with mean age for male being 62.5 and for female being 60.93, we found out that there is a moderately positive correlation of pain (?r? value-0.64, P value-0.0011), stiffness (?r? value-0.59,P value-0.0033) and physical function (?r? value-0.67, P value-0.0006) with physical performance. The total WOMAC score and TUG had a strongly positive correlation (?r? value-0.8239, P value-<0.0001). Thus indicating that patients with moderate OA knee not only had a poor quality of life but also had reduced physical function Conclusion: There is strong positive correlation between quality of life and physical performance. With increase in pain, stiffness and physical function there is increased difficulty in performing physical performance. Thus moderate OA knee affects both quality of life and physical performance.

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[Harshita S. Somkuwar, Chetana A.Kunde and Suvarna S.Ganvir. (2018); RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN QUALITY OF LIFE AND PHYSICAL PERFORMANCE IN MODERATE OA KNEE PATIENTS IN TERTIARY HEALTH CARE CENTRE. Int. J. of Adv. Res. 6 (Jan). 951-955] (ISSN 2320-5407). www.journalijar.com

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