18Jan 2022


  • Department of Occupational Therapy, Seth G.S.M.C. and K.E.M.H., Mumbai.
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Background-INDIA EBUS is a cloud-based software aimed at supporting optimal neurodevelopmental outcomes in NICU. INDIA is an acronym for Individual New-born Developmental Intervention Application which is based on the available evidence. It includes various aspects like Neurodevelopmental, Neurophysiological, Neurobehavioral, developmentally supportive and Trauma informed care, Splinting, Occupational Therapy intervention, etc., which helps in clinical assistance, interpretation and documentation for professionals. The objective of the study was to check the content validity of the INDIA EBUS. Prospective online survey was used.

Methods- The professionals were contacted and a letter of request was sent to them. An online process was used to select the participants. For the online survey, 30 people were chosen using a convenient sampling method. Request letter was sent to the professionals. After that investigator briefly introduced the INDIA EBUS. Later software access was given for seven to ten days to the participant. After sending google form online recruitments of the participants, if they click to I agree as per google form, data was collected. The main inclusion criteria were that the participants had at least one year of clinical experience in the NICU.

Results-INDIA EBUS uses the combination of different models aimed at neuroprotection by the multidisciplinary team in NICU and post discharge follow up as a theoretical framework. The literature review & expert-based panel supported the Content Validity of the INDIA EBUS. Content Validity Index for the Components relating to the Developmentally supportive care and neuromotor assessment was 0.87. The neurodevelopmental assessment and intervention had a CVI greater than or equal to 0.78. For the Trauma informed care, chest physiotherapy, and neurobehavioral assessment, it was below 0.50. The health care workers confirmed the understandability, completeness & credibility of the INDIA EBUS. The different stakeholders in the study considered the software would be helpful for the brain-oriented care in NICU (neuroprotection) & beneficial for neurodevelopment. Negative ratings referred to the time required for the use of data entry and the use of digital devices.

Conclusion- There was substantial evidence supporting the content validity of the INDIA EBUS. Despite the substantial length & time requirement, software was considered helpful for comprehensive neurodevelopmental care in NICU. Further research on psychometric qualities, implementation and effectiveness is needed.

[Prachi Gangurde and Hemant Nandgaonkar (2022); VALIDATION OF INDIA EBUS AMONG PROFESSIONALS PRACTICING IN NICU Int. J. of Adv. Res. 10 (Jan). 937-944] (ISSN 2320-5407). www.journalijar.com

Dr. Prachi Sanjay Gangurde
Masters of Occupational Therapy, Seth G.S. Medical Collage and K.E.M. Hospital, Mumbai


Article DOI: 10.21474/IJAR01/14127      
DOI URL: http://dx.doi.org/10.21474/IJAR01/14127