Study the proportion of traumatic neuritis in year 2017 among children under 15 years in rural and urban areas of Afghanistan

Submitted by : Dr. Sayed Ashoqulla Saadat
University: Maulana Azad University, Jodhpur
E-mail :
Supervisor's Name : Ms. Bhawna Sati
Year of award : 2018
Awards : Master of Public Health
Summary of Thesis

BackgroundProportion of traumatic neuritis was not clear at rural and urban areas of Afghanistan and there was no information for the vulnerability of age groups and sex. The goal of this study is to know the situation and impact of health services on magnitude of traumatic neuritis in rural areas an urban area among children 15 years in whole Afghanistan in year 2017.Study has been designed and used the AFP surveillance data for the year 2017 (Secondary data usage). Over all 3009 AFP cases were recorded in 2017 by WHO AFP Surveillance network and sampling made by systematic sampling method and 426 records has been selected (Separate Questionnaire has been used).ObjectivesT...

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Background. 4

Method. 4

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Table of Contents. 7

Introduction/background. 8

Literature review.. 10

Clinical Manifestation of all types of traumatic neuritis: 11

Methodology. 13

Plan of Analysis. 14

Ethical Considerations. 14

Data Management and Quality Control 14

Limitations of the study. 15

Results and Discussions. 16

Discussion. 17

Conclusions and recommendation. 18

References. 20

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