Correlation Between MRI, Frozen Section and Histopathological Findings In Carcinoma Endometrium

Submitted by : Dr. Namrita Sheregar
University: National Board of Examinations
E-mail :
Supervisor's Name : Dr. Yogesh Kulkarni
Year of award : 2014
Awards : Doctor of Philosophy
Summary of Thesis

Introduction Endometrial carcinoma is the most common pelvic gynecological malignancy in industrialized countries and the incidence is increasing.Treatment and prognosis depends on a number of factors including stage depth of myometrial invasion cervical extension lymphovascular invasion histologic grade and nodal status. Deep (more than 50%) myometrial infiltration is an indication for pelvic and para aortic nodal dissection as an adjunct to hysterectomy and salpingo-opherectomy. Lymphadenectomy for early stage (stage 1) endometrial cancer remains controversial. Aims and Objectives To correlate between preoperative MRI intraoperative Frozen section and postoperative Histopathologi...

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Aims and Objectives

Review of Literature

Materials and Methods

Observations and Results




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