Factors Associated with Health Workers’ Satisfaction in 16 Tertiary Hospitals in Kabul, Afghanistan

Submitted by : Dr. Bashir Ahmad Haseeb
University: Maulana Azad University
E-mail : bhaseeb.gcmu@gmail.com
Supervisor's Name : Dr. Rashmi Rathore
Year of award :
Awards : Master of Hospital Administration
Summary of Thesis

The aim of the study was to determine the factors influencing job satisfaction among medical and non-medical staff working at the framework of Essential Package of Hospital Services (EPHS) in Kabul-Afghanistan. This study utilized data derived from National Health Services Performance Assessment which was conducted on 2018 in Kabul-Afghanistan. Health and non-health workers interview instrument used to know the perspective of health all mentioned workers from health services. This study sample size was 320 participants in 16 national hospitals in Kabul-Afghanistan. The staff satisfaction index scores 36 indicators based on a self-reported questionnaire given to various types of health worker...

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