SYNTHESIS, CHARACTERIZATION, ANTIMICROBIAL, CNS AND ANALGESIC STUDIES OF 2-[N-(4-chloro-2-{[1-(2-hydroxyphenyl) ethylidene]amino} phenyl) ethanimidoyl] phenol AND ITS COMPLEXES

Submitted by : P. Deivanayagam
University: Periyar University Salem, Tamil Nadu, India
E-mail :
Supervisor's Name : R.PA. BOOPATHY
Year of award : 2014
Awards : Master of Philosphy IN CHEMISTRY
Summary of Thesis

4-Chloro-O-Phenylene diamine and its Copper (II) complex have been prepared by the Schiff base formation. The synthesized compound was confirmed from UV IR & NMR spectrum. The O-Phenylene diamine and its Copper (II) complex found to have remarkable antimicrobial activity due to the presence of nitrogen group.The antimicrobial activities of three bactericidal organisms Bacillus subtilis Streptococcus viridians and Staphylococcus epidermidis on the test compounds 4-Chloro-O-Phenylene diamine and its Copper (II) complex were screened by employing the Disc Diffusion method. A concentration gradient (500 1000 2000 and 3000g) of each compound was put into study. From the study it is obse...

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INTRODUCTION                               10

REVIEW OF LITERATURE                       29

SCOPE                                      46

SCHEME                                     48

EXPERIMENTAL   SECTION                     51

RESULT AND DISCUSSION                      59

SUMMARY AND CONCLUSION                     78

BIBLIOGRAPHY                               81

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