EHR Implementation Success Strategies by Hospital Leaders

Submitted by : Dr. Victor Oluwole Omosule
University: Atlantic International University, Honolulu, Hawaii
E-mail :
Supervisor's Name : Dr. Eric Aguillar
Year of award : 2022
Summary of Thesis

The central research question for this study is What strategies do some hospital leaders use to implement electronic health record(EHR) systems successfully Todays health sector faces numerous challenges and opportunities that influence patient outcomes. Healthcare systems are struggling to offer cost-effective and quality care services and technology allows caregivers to devise innovative approaches to attend to the needs of the patients. Technological advances present healthcare management teams with the opportunity to address most prevailing challenges. Effective information management using new technologies facilitates efficiency and quality of services. The problem at the cor...

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1.    General Introduction (Chapter 1)

2.    The Research Focus (Chapter 2)

3.    Review of Other Work Done (Chapter 3)

4.    Research Method (Chapter 4)

5.    Results of Research Analysis (Chapter 5)

6.    Conclusion (Chapter 6)

7.    Recommendation (Chapter 7)

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