Colonization of the Womans Body: Sociological Analysis

Submitted by : NIKITA PANT
University: Dr. B. R. Ambedkar University, Delhi 110006
E-mail :
Supervisor's Name : Dr. Bidhan Chandra Dash
Year of award : 2017
Awards : Degree of Master of Arts in Sociology
Summary of Thesis


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1         Introduction:

1.1           Reconstructing Womens Identities

1.2           Objectives

1.3           Research Questions

1.4           Methodology

2         Beautification of the Body and Enhancement Technologies

2.1           Technologized Bodies

2.2           Body as a source of Technology

2.3           The Body as a Commodity

2.4           The Body Trap

2.5           Customization of the Body: Cyberpunk and Cyberspace

2.6           Standardization of Cosmetic Surgery: Risks and Threats

3         Women and Cosmetic Surgery

3.1           Remaking of the  She

3.2           Colonizing the Body

3.3           Why do Women Undergo Surgery

3.4           TechnolizingFeminity: How are current technological innovations influencing the conventional notions of beauty

3.5           Resurrection of the body: the political and the social context of the emergence of  ideal  beauty

4         Conclusion: The blended boundaries between technology and the human body

5         Appendix 1

6         Appendix 2B

7         Bibliography

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