15Feb 2023


  • Nephrology and Hemodialysis Department of the University Hospital Center of Point Bamako-Mali.
  • Radiology Department of the University Hospital Center of Point G Bamako-Mali.
  • Radiology Department of the Hospital Center Mother-Child Luxembourg Bamako-Mali.
  • Radiology Department of the Medicalclinic Marie Curie Bamako-Mali.
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We report the case of a 42-year-old housewife patient whowasadmitted for impairedrenalfunction at 1246 μmmol/l with a clearance of 3.07ml/min/1.73m2, with the aim of to show a rare case of adynamicosteopathy with review of the literature. The clinical examination on admission hadfound a patient altered, impotent, pain in bothlowerlimbs, dehydrated, pale, BP=170/90mmhg, temperature at 36°7, heart rate at 100bts/min. Biologically:anemiawasfound at 7.2 g/dl. Hyperleukocytosis at 15400/mm3. Creatininewas 1246 µmol/l, urea 49mmol/l, uricacid 850umol/l, parathormone 58.4 pg/l and vitamin D 16 ng/l. The reprovedcalcemiawas at 2.73 mmol/l, the phosphorus at 2.69 mmol/l, the bicarbonateemia at 13 mmol/l. Blood sugarwas 6.1mmol/l, ferritinemia 1800 ng/ml, Na+=137mmol/l, K+=4.3 mmol/l, Cl-=106 mmol/l, proteinuria 6.8g/24 hours ,leucocyturia at 40000/mm3, withouthaematuria, an E.coliurinary tract infection whichwas sensitive to ciprofloxacin. Our patient had a heterozygous AC sickle cell profile, and wascarrying an evolving single-fetalpregnancy of 15 weeks +5 days on ultrasound. On the cerebral scanner, wefound a semi-recentischemic stroke in the deepterritory of the left middle cerebralartery. The patient alsounderwent five hemodialysis sessions. A biological control aftertwomonths of treatment hadfoundserumcreatinine at 212 µmol/l, urea at 40.3 mmol/l, sodium at 132.9 mmol/l, serum potassium at 5.2 mmol/, bloodchloride at 91.6 mmol/l, Magnesium at 1.1mmol/l, serum calcium=3.1mmol/l, CRP at 21mg/l, White Blood Cells at 1200/mm3, Hemoglobinlevel at 6.6 g/dl. The VS was at 90-100 mm.Urinary volume at 680ml. Adynamic osteopathyis a rare and fatal pathologythatrequiresearly treatment.

[Tangara M., Traore O., Kouma A., Toure A., Kodio A., Coulibaly N., Djiguiba K., Coulibaly M., Maiga D., Dolo M., Sidibe M., Sangare N., Coulibaly K., Samake M., S.Y Seydou, Bagayoko O.L, Thiam A. and Yattara H. (2023); ADYNAMIC OSTEOPATHY: ABOUT A CASE WITH REVIEW OF THE LITERATURE Int. J. of Adv. Res. 11 (Feb). 868-873] (ISSN 2320-5407). www.journalijar.com

TRAORE Ousmane
Faculty of Medicine and Odonto-Stomatology /University of Science, Technique and Technology of Bamako-Mali (FMOS/USTTB)