Management & outcome of hypospadias in Gezira National Center for Pediatrics Surgery (January 2008-January 2009)

Submitted by : Ashraf Mustafa Abdalla Gumaa
University: Sudan Medical Specialization Board
E-mail :
Supervisor's Name : Dr. Fisal Abdul GalilNugud
Year of award : 2010
Awards : MD General Surgery
Summary of Thesis

The next major medical text referring to hypospadias was written by Ambrose Pard [1510-1590] (5). He also described chordee and gave extensive descriptions of hermaphroditic conditions and their overlap with hypospadias. The third great surgical writer was Pierre Dionis [d.1718] (6) the founder of modem French surgical education sixteenth and seventeenth century French surgeon who wrote a major textbook on surgery including a reference to hypospadias....

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1.	Chapter 1:Introduction and literature  review
2.	Chapter 2: Justifications, objectives & methodology.
3.	Chapter 3: Results & analysis.
4.	Chapter 4: Discussion & Recommendations.

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